The Venus Wrap

Last Fall I moved into a Profected Venus Year. Annual Profections in Astrology, besides making spellcheck angry, is a way of determining what area of your life will be most impacted during a specific period of time. Fortunately, not all of one’s natal chart is dialed up to maximum every single moment. Time ebbs and flows and so does the influence of particular signs, houses, and planets. 

Basically each year of one’s life is connected to a house and it goes round and round in order. Kelly Surtees has a handy chart available on her website at this link:

So, when you’re 34, you’re in an 11th house year – topics like Friends, Affiliations, Clubs, and Luck are in the spotlight. Any transits that impact your 11th might show up in a big way that year, as will anything impacting your 11th house planetary ruler.

I had paid attention to Profections before, but this time I really wanted to lean in and connect with the year’s planetary ruler, to honor Her and help remediate my natal Venus placement. Also at the end of the year, I’d have a garment created in honor of Venus that I could then wear when I needed a bit of Her support.

I decided to make a Venus Wrap based on the idea of a temperature blanket as a year long ritual and celebration.

Temperature Blankets are popular in knitting and crochet. It’s a daily practice where a range of outside temperature is assigned a particular color. Then you just do a row or two of that color for what the (high, low, or average) temperature was that day. My color palette is in various shades of green, which is often cited as a color associated with Venus, and I chose to track the daily high temperatures for my project.

There’s something about letting the air in my location decide what the colors the wrap will be. It’s an act of co-creation between me and the world, and in addition to connecting with Venus, has me connecting a little deeper with Place.

After deciding to move forward and figuring out the temperature ranges, a trip to the craft store was in order. I love the yarn aisle and spent much time trying to get just the right shades of green. It made sense to me to select about the same weight (ie. yarn thickness) for all of the colors. Since the color will have much variation, keeping to a similar thickness will give it a nice uniformity in stitch size. It didn’t want the piece to be too chaotic.

I got 1-2 skeins of each color and started to prep my temperature/ yarn chart. In retrospect, I should have gotten more of some of the mid-range temperature colors. I’m a little over a quarter done, and have had to take a couple of trips back to get more yarn. If you’re planning on doing a similar project, be aware that sometimes yarn gets discontinued. So, stock up early or have a Plan B.

Next was deciding which stitch to use. I looked at many crochet shell stitches, and liked the shell for its symbolism. One was even called the Venus stitch. However, I decided on the Alpine Stitch. This stitch reaches down into the row before it and loops around those other stitches. There’s something to the stitch that really gives the sense of connection and bringing together that just feels like Venus.

The drawback to the Alpine Stitch is that it’s a two row repeat. Having to do two rows for each day doubles the length of the piece. That and the yarn thickness I selected means that my Venus Wrap is probably going to be a Venus Blanket! Just what I did in the first quarter of the year is probably too long to wear. My new plan is to do each quarter and then stitch them together into a blanket with a solid color in between.

Another thing about that stitch is that I have a hard time keeping the row width the same. I tend to drop stitches and then have to add them back in. This is giving it a little curve or wave which is not too bad. Curvy and Venus seem to go together.

Working on the Venus Wrap has been very enjoyable. I started out doing it daily, but now tend to save up a couple of weeks and find some time on a Friday (day of Venus) to catch up. I love seeing how the colors come together. Sometimes there will be a shot of a really cold day among some mild days, and that variation is so beautiful and dramatic.

This creative undertaking in honor of the Profected Venus year has the benefit of regularly highlighting and drawing my attention to how Venus impacts my chart both natally and in transit. Yet, it’s given me so much more in inspiration and daily practice.

There have been synchronicities, and some pretty clear connection. Once day while I was working on the wrap, I decided to watch something from my YT watch list. As I scrolled though the videos, I spotted one that had a lovely red haired woman wearing a satiny green top. I instantly knew that was the video I needed to watch. It turns out that this woman was Emily Fletcher, a former broadway performer, being interviewed on the Aubrey Marcus Podcast about her book – “Stress Less, Accomplish More: Mediation for Extraordinary Performance”. 

A beautiful woman who’s also a singer-dancer-actor and wearing green – all of the Venus symbolism was there. (Aubrey is no slouch either.) I thought that I’d better pay attention, and am very happy that I did. That little piece of guidance from Venus was just what I needed.

I pay close attention to things like this that come up when I crochet the wrap. These little clues are leading me into a lot of personal insight and healing. They get me to notice things that I would not have or they just pull me into making my day to day a little more beautiful and heartfelt.

This year is not halfway done yet (I have a feeling I’ll miss it when it’s done), but I’m already thinking about the next Profected Year.

Next year it’s Mars. Maybe, Needle Felting?

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