Mice Bring Messages

Yesterday morning I had the urge to make bread and to start tidying up the backyard garden. I started with the garden first. As I stepped off the patio, I startled two mice who had been nibbling in the grass. One ran to the jasmine. The other to hide among the raised garden beds. Uh-oh. 

Mice are not common in the backyard. If our dog doesn’t scare them away, the ginger cat, Calypso, who patrols the neighborhood, does. We don’t feed the dog outside or store her food outside which I hear attracts them. I’ve seen mice once in a while running along the back wall under the cover of the ficus trees. In the lawn so close to the house? Never!

As I got closer to the back wall, I noticed a small grey mouse laying on it’s side. It really did look like it was curled up and sleeping. But it wasn’t. As I gently removed it, I was thankful that the dog hadn’t found it before I did. It looked uninjured. Maybe it was poisoned?

The Lenormand card, “Mice”, quickly flashed before my eyes. Depending on the context and depiction, the “Mice” card usually represents a kind of Loss or Deterioration. Mice nibble away at your food, your health, your wealth, and your well being. (Although there are other meanings –  I once drew the card before meeting with some new friends and we ended up sharing a cheese plate at the bar – nibbling together just like the mice on the card.) I quickly took stock of my current situation.

From the Maybe Lenormand by Ryan Edward

I had been neglecting the garden lately and gotten out of the habit of having my morning coffee there while I write my the dream journal. The lawn furniture had gotten dusty and there were some webs underneath. The garden beds need work. It’s time that the tomato plant be taken out, and the succulents that were only there temporarily need to be potted. I had been neglecting other things, too.

I thought – OK. Point taken.

I was still turning over the Mice and their meaning in my mind as I went about my day, kneading the bread, doing laundry, helping the kids with school. I felt that there was more to it.

It shouldn’t have surprised me when I saw the small package at the door. I had backed a Kickstarter campaign for the Oak, Ash, and Thorn Tarot back in April or May, and knew that they were starting to ship them out. 

It clicked! I usually don’t go for animal themed decks, but backed the project after seeing their depiction of the Hanged Man – a little mouse hanging on a flower in the rain. 

From the Oak, Ash & Thorn Tarot by Stephanie Burrows and Adam Oehlers

I had thought that that deck would just be a fun one to have. A little something different that I can pull from, but not a major player in my collection. That Mice in the backyard heralded the arrival of the deck makes me think that it could be something more.

Just in case I missed the point – as I sat down in the afternoon to do my initial flip through of the deck I glanced out the window and saw a mouse running across the patio! (This never happens! I’ve never seen a mouse on the patio before.) I really hope now that the deck is here, the mice will go away.

As I went through the package, I noticed this image which echoed the dead mouse on the lawn. It’s pretty close to what I saw earlier that day. 

From the Oak, Ash & Thorn Tarot by Stephanie Burrows and Adam Oehlers

It seems like in addition to heralding the deck, attention to this particular card is being emphasized. I’m always a little suspicious of cards without questions first. Good thing I like puzzles because more digging is needed on this. At least, it’s something to mull over as I clean.

As I took the bread out of the oven before dinner, I realized one more thing. The Oak, Ash, and Thorn deck is nicknamed “the OAT Deck” – from the initials for Oak, Ask, Thorn. The bread recipe that I had to the urge to make in the morning is “Everyday Oat Bread”. Mice bring messages, and bread recipes, too, apparently. 

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