Getting Burned

A couple of Tuesdays ago, I got burned – literally. I was cooking and reached far in to the oven to get the pan out. My arm lifted a little too high and hit the hot wire shelf just above where the oven mitt stopped. Ouch!

I immediately ran it under cold water, put a little burn ointment on it and went back to cooking. It wasn’t until later that I noticed the dark, almost 2 inch long sear starting to get painful and swollen. It’s been steadily healing since then, but the burn is still itchy and demanding attention and care.

I should have known better. Mars retro in my 4th house of home (on a Tuesday) was squaring Saturn in my 1st house of self. If there was ever a day to order takeout based on purely astrological reasons that would have been the day. I’m really glad it wasn’t worse.

Truth is, I have been paying attention to the current astrology with an eye to minimize explosive and detrimental effects that Mars in Aries can bring. 

In the house, I’ve made it a point to have the desk water fountain running during the day. I usually burn incense regularly and light candles, but haven’t had the urge to do this in a while. Instead, I’ve made lavender-rose and lavender-chamomile room sprays a go-to these past weeks – favoring water instead of fire. Before Mars started the retrograde period, I made sure to fit in as many house projects that I could – capturing the Martial focus on getting stuff done!

As I look back on my daily notes, I’ve been feeling more and more “irritated” lately. “Frustration” is a word that pops up a lot. I haven’t been able to pounce on projects with drive and enthusiasm. It seems like the wind has gone out of my sails. 

In the Summer of 2018, the last time Mars was retrograde, I had a great time! Back then, I had thought that it would be tough, but I used the un-motivation just to coast along, let go, and ride the momentum. It was a much needed break. However, Mars was in a different sign back then, and not squaring Saturn.

I think the burn on my arm was actually a kick in the ass. In trying to carve a path through this highly volatile time, I’ve realized that I stopped thoughtfully engaging with Mars entirely. Martial arts practice or even just other types exercise have dropped by the wayside in favor of periods of eliminating alcohol and fasting (very Saturnian). I can’t even remember the last time I had spicy food or wore red. 

My recent efforts to balance out the immense heat of Martial influence seem to be too heavy handed. Instead of gently channeling the influence for the best possible outcome, I’ve been dumping buckets of water on it lately and hoping to wait it out until Mars enters Taurus. A terrible approach!

I’m not yet sure exactly how I’ll start engaging with Mars again. As I glance at my calendar, I just noticed that in about 3 hours the Moon will be conjoined to my natal Mars, so I’m sure that I’ll get a good idea or two. That’s around lunchtime. I should probably eat something spicy.

Better yet – I’ll get something spicy for takeout.

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