Where I Need to Be

Stella Maris, Star of the Sea / Show Me Where I Need to Be

As August drew to a close, I started a novena to Stella Maris, the Blessed Virgin Mary in her form as Star of the Sea – guide to seafarers, navigators, and anyone who feels lost. My husband and I had discussed going somewhere in Autumn. Since work and school were online and most of the Summer was spent in lockdown, we thought a grand adventure was in order. I just needed some guidance to figure out the perfect place to base our operations.

We’d take this unusual time to travel North to all the places that we wanted to discover. Our plan was to rent a cabin or small house for a couple of weeks close to a lake with hiking and biking trails nearby to get a little change of scenery. Then we’d take day trips from our basecamp to other places of interest. Explorers we would be! At least as much as we could be while still honoring local pandemic guidelines.

As I browsed for places online, I was on the lookout for any kind of sign, omen, sync, or indication of Stella Maris pointing the way. I found one place, that had ‘Star’ in the name, that I thought could be a sign, but my gut feeling told me that it was a stretch.

After the nine days had passed, I still had no clear indication of where to take the family. A couple of weeks later, the wildfires started. These fires, some of the worst that California and Oregon had ever seen in modern history, were burning near some of the places I was looking to visit. Some are still burning. Some new ones even started since then.

I was aware that with Mars in Aries (and going retrograde), this could be a very explosive and destructive fire season. That was part of the reason for the novena – to find a place that would be safe from the storm.

It seems that in receiving no clear sign, the answer that I received from Stella Maris was to “stay put”. Not the answer that I wanted. What I wanted was a pretty, little out of the way place that was available and unusually affordable, pet friendly, perfect for my family’s needs, and within walking distance to an open coffee shop next to an independent bookstore. Oh well. Maybe we’ll try in the Spring.

As October starts, I can see the wisdom in staying put for now. As we near the November election, it seems like so much is in flux, but the familiar surroundings of home eases the unease. My kids are getting into a nice rhythm with online school. I’ve been focusing on the household and making some plans for it. On my Saints altar, my Stella Maris card is next to Saint Martha’s card, and I think they’ve been discussing things. The Halloween decorations are begging to be let out of the garage. My crochet hooks are getting a lot of use. All in all, it’s nice to be home right now.

I’ve also started to look deeper at what it means to be “a local” and making an effort to find and frequent those unique places that express the nature of the town where I live. To that end, I’ve made reservations for a special dinner at what’s commonly known as one of the best restaurants in town. The place is called “Castaway”.

Imagine that.

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