Sometime in early January, I participated in a wonderful guided meditation. At a certain point in it, there was a pause to receive messages from your Ancestors. I remember leaning in to hear them speak, eager for any wisdom they may have for me. The one word I got from them was, “Run”.

Seriously. “Run” (Surprisingly apt for 2020.)

At the time, I was disappointed and really taken aback. Run? Really? Run Where? Run When? From something? To something? Did they want me to take up jogging? I looked around the room thinking that maybe the Big One was going to hit, and I needed to take cover. Am I in danger? I checked on my family and the house, and all was well.

It was strange. I didn’t dismiss it outright, but thought that perhaps some fear of my own had intruded at that moment, and it wasn’t really the message that the Ancestors had for me.

Divination wasn’t too clear at the time on it. So, remembering that Saturn was due to go over my Ascendant three times in 2020, I decided to make my health a huge priority (which is always a great idea) and started exercising more. Not jogging, per se, because I really don’t like running.

Then came the pandemic. The Stay at Home Order and School Closure were announced on the day that Saturn was first conjunct my Ascendant in March, but by this time the message from the Ancestors was forgotten.

A couple of days ago, I was on a zoom call with a bunch of other parents, including a parent  from the re-opening committee at the school district. There are decisions to be made regarding school starting in August. Our district has given families two options for instruction – one is 100% online distance learning and the other is a hybrid of online and a couple of hours in-person instruction, 4 days a week. The details on both options are a little skimpy. Not because they know and aren’t telling, but because they don’t know and aren’t telling.

As I listened to other parents, the questions, and the answers and lack of answers, my mind wandered to Tsunamis. I remembered what Ivy Bromius of Circle Thrice wrote in her free guide, Risky Business ( about Low Ocean. Ivy wrote of the phenomena of the drawback of the water from the shore before a tsunami is about to hit which reveals parts of the ocean floor that are usually aren’t seen and the curiosity and wonder of the people in that situation.

As I was tuning out on the zoom call, I thought of the bare and damp ocean floor and imagined seashells, starfish, octopus suddenly in the sunshine. Then one word exploded in my mind, Run!

And I remembered the guided meditation from January. And I think I get what it means now.

The most important thing that one can do when they see the tsunami drawback is run. If you stare transfixed at the strange sight on shore, you risk not being able to get to higher ground when the wave hits.

The Ancestors (and later Ivy) were warning against lingering too long just looking at a situation, especially when urgent action is needed.

I realized that I’ve been turning over seashells of what’s changed in the world since March, counting the drying starfish of infection rates, and staring at the octopus of how much school will be different now for far too long.

Even though it seems like the wave has already hit, I think that the message for me was to keep moving this year. Don’t get too comfortable or sucked into the strange view. Take action, and then take more action. Keep an eye on the shore, but above all, Run!

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