The Bike Path

There’s a saying in mountain biking that’s usually true – “Your bike will go where your eyes go.” This means that if you’re riding along a path and staring at the ditch alongside, eventually you’ll end up in it.

Your body follows your eyes. All of the imperceptible micro-movements that your body makes  to steer your bike follows your eyes. If you want to stay on the path, your eyes need to stay mostly on the path. Because you’re moving, your eyes need to move. Ideally, they should be scanning over the path with brief glances up ahead and to either side – seeking out the best line to take, flowing around the obstacles along the way.

That saying reminds me of the saying “What you think about, you bring about.” They make similar points about focus. Yet, the positive thinking truism lacks the feeling of being in motion inherent in the mountain biking saying. Life’s always in motion. We’re always picking paths through time, both reflexively and intentionally. Focus on a ditch for too long, you’ll eventually end up in one.

Tarot and other forms of divination are good for seeing the lay of the land. Astrology can be a map of the terrain – all of the bike paths on the mountain and the general condition of the paths. Tarot can be for the details not pictured on the map and for insight on how to move through them or where to go.

It can be hard to find the clean line through when the obstacles seem so great – especially with the astrological weather lately. I look at the eclipses, retrogrades, and extended stays and can’t help but wonder what that’s going to be like both personally and collectively. To be honest, I’ve stared at them for too long and been steering my bike into the muck.

Time to refocus. I think that the Sixes in cartomancy can help. Visually, many of the Sixes are pictured as a clear path, especially in Marseille and Playing Cards. This is something that I’ve learned from both Camelia Elias and Gordon White’s work on cartomancy, and it usually tracks for me.

Using the Sixes in the deck to represent a Clear Path, one can see what’s required to get back on track if one has been staring into the muck for too long. If you’re in the same situation as me and so inclined, pick your favorite or appropriate six as a significator and ask yourself what’s needed to get back on track.


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