Scrying the Stream

I love a good omen or sign, and look for them everywhere. They’ll come up in my day to day routine no matter what the day to day looks like. Recently, it’s been looking a lot like the inside of my house which means the omens are not so many.

One of my favorite ways to notice a sign or omen nowadays is something I think about as scrying the stream. I’ll scan through the various social media feeds to see if anything pops. I’m not talking about memes or news or subjects that are trending at any given moment, but looking for the subtle things. Dots that maybe no one else would connect because for others it might not have meaning.

I typically look for 3 occurrences from different sources within a relatively tight window of time. Preferably, these are from sources that don’t know each other. Weight is also given to things that have a mixture of online and offline incidents.

For example: Last month the concept of “treasure” popped up for me in a big way. Within 48 hours, there was a post on a members only message board about a Treasure Hunt, someone I follow on Twitter who isn’t a member of that board posted a link to a podcast on Pirate Treasure, and then I encounter an image of a Mermaid and her Treasure Chest on a box of wine at the grocery store.

Wine box omen. The wine was good, too.

More recently, Scorpions have popped up. Reading a storybook that had a castle guarded by huge scorpions the night before seeing a IG post of someone finding a live Scorpion in their bottling supplies has me looking under the patio cushions before I sit down. Just in case.

From Geronimo Stilton’s Kingdom of Fantasy book series. A favorite.

So, what do these mean? First, they mean “ Pay Attention!”. Some information is being set in my path that requires my focus or investigation. Other than that, it depends on the omen, really. If I can’t figure out it, I’ll keep going in that direction or pull cards for some help.

I also stay open to the idea that maybe the omen isn’t for me. I passed along the link to the Pirate Treasure podcast to the person that posted about the Treasure Hunt. Maybe it was for them?

Something else that I sometimes look for while scrying the stream is “found Tarot or Lenormand spreads”. These are not posts of actual cards or cartomancers posting spreads (which I love by the way). They’re posts that I encounter in quick succession in one stream that are strongly reminiscent of Tarot or Lenormand card spreads when taken together.

For instance, there’s post with a photo of a House, then a few posts down there’s one of a Bear, and a minute later one of a Crane. House-Bear-Crane is a Lenormand spread. Or sometimes it’s a photo or illustration of the Earth (World), then later Someone Holding a Flashlight or Lantern (Hermit), and then a logo with tree roots that look like 3 branches (Three of Wands).

When I notice these (and it’s only important if I notice), the challenge then becomes to remember if I had a question before going online. Spreads are not very useful without a question. Occasionally, a question will arise while thinking about the images which can be fun to ponder.

One important note if you might try scrying the stream yourself. There’s a lot of market data collection from various sources which can sometimes put things in your social media that look like signs and omens. Information is also culled from devices in your home or on your phone that can listen for keywords, and then deliver advertising tailored to you. Be very careful if your signs are pointing you to purchase something.

I remember having a conversation with my husband about the place where we went on our honeymoon that had a sisal rug, and how much we liked it. A little while later, I started getting advertisements for sisal rugs and vacations online. This was not a sign. This was marketing.

As important as it is to be aware when you’re in the online streams, it’s also important to give yourself some time away from them. Omen hunting online is fun, but so is looking to the birds, trees, clouds, and if you’re lucky enough – actual water streams.

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