The Tiniest of Magics

My frenzy of organizing closets and other household projects has recently shifted. I’ve been watching Boho Bloom on YouTube where Dawn Michelle shows how she creates her wellness planner, junk journals, and other planner videos. Her voice has an almost ASMR effect and is incredibly relaxing. I watch when I cook or do dishes. I’m a crafty person by nature, and it’s inspired me to get into my hands more instead of my head.

I’m a paper planner person, and have accepted that. I tried going digital a while back, but kept getting alerts for birthdays of people I don’t know (probably from subscribing to the school’s calendar). Alerts in general are just too jarring. There is a simple pleasure in writing things down by hand that not only helps me remember what I’ve written, but delights my senses in ways that typing doesn’t.

There’s been a lot of changed plans lately. One day while scratching out cancelled events in my planner, I started doodling. I drew flowers over the scribbled writing, adding sunshine and clouds. I was making flowers out of cancelled plans. Later on it seemed to me that I was tilling the soil of that future day and putting in an intention for something else to grow there.


Something beautiful to take the place of what was missing.

It really is the tiniest of magics. Composting that little square of time – the event that is no longer going to happen (at least in this timeline) – and planting a wish in there.

Cross referencing my journal with the planner, I’ve found that many of the days with the doodles have been productive. I’ve gardened, tie dyed, sewn, and had otherwise good days. It unexpectedly rained on one of the days I doodled water. More experimentation is needed, but I may be on to something.

I wish that I had realized this before setting up my June calendar pages with the stickers of a giant octopus destroying a seaside city and a mermaid delighting in her treasure surrounded by skulls. I’m leaning to more of an ocean theme next month. Let’s hope it works out.


I’ve also acquired this new planner for more strategic pursuits. (It was on clearance & I’m reconfiguring Jan-May pages). I’m fairly good at goal setting and breaking down projects into manageable steps. I get tripped up on tracking progress and setting deadlines. Mostly because I have everything in several different notebooks, post-its, and scrap paper.


Tuning this process feels necessary at the moment. In the same way that planting the garden, assessing and organizing the closets seemed necessary. For as much as I’m pushing on the future; it’s pushing back.

One thought on “The Tiniest of Magics

  1. Natalia

    Yes, I love paper planning, and I love the synch of “tilling the soil for a future day” and looking back to find how that has developed. I plan my days but it’s mostly around journaling, tracking dreams, weekly prayers and spiritual things etc. I’m a writer so there’s little doodling with illustrations and more doodling with words.


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