The Sower

I’m really not that much of a gardener. I had big dreams a few years ago when we got the raised beds – dreams of home growing all of our favorite vegetables. Just blithely picking a salad from the garden right before dinner. I spent hours researching and mapping out the beds, ordering seeds, and making labels for the plants.

This was in the middle of one of the worst drought periods that Southern California had in recent memory. I got a few plants to grow, but not many. The next season was even worse. Since then, I’ve only been able to get things to grow when I forget about planting them or forget to harvest them. We grew carrots when I just tossed in some seeds one winter to see what would happen. The romaine dried out and went to seed, and we had more the next season.

This year there are a few mystery plants in the garden, but I’m leaving them for now because they flower and attract bees and sometimes butterflies. I’ve planted intentionally for the first time in a while. I’m spending a lot more time in the garden. It feels good to be outside.

This week I’ve continued to clean out closets and get organized. As I was pulling fabric and sewing supplies from an old cedar chest, I found this coin – a 1999 10 Cent Euro piece. A mystery. I’ve only been to Europe once back in 2006. I have no idea how that coin got in there.

10 Euro Cent coin
The Sower


A little research revealed that the figure on the back is called “The Sower”, and that this is the French version of the coin. According to the Citego website the Sower is part of France’s iconography. It was initially designed by Oscar Roty in 1887 and according to the article, she sows “the countless ideas that one day may sprout and grow when we are no longer here”. (You can read the article here:

The Sower is the mirror of the Reaper. In the image she seems to be holding a curved basket with one hand and walking over the land tossing out seeds with her other hand as the sun rises. The curve of the basket reminded me of the curve of a sickle, so I had initially thought that she was harvesting until I had looked up the image online.

Blithely sowing, blithely harvesting. The Sower walks at the Sunrise of life, the Reaper at life’s Sunset. Both walk through land and time. They never seem to pause or hesitate. The Sower of France in this image tosses her seeds / ideas for a time after the Reaper takes her. What kind of seeds is this sower tossing? Where is the coin for the reaper?

There is so much in this little coin to think about. It’s an omen for sure, but I’ll need to ask some cards to find out more.

One mystery is solved at least. One of the mystery plants in my garden is Wild Radish. Two years ago, my kids took a Wilderness Class. Since my littlest was so young, I went with them on all the hikes and explorations. One of the plants we learned to identify and eat on the trails was Wild Radish. I loved the taste so much that I took a few seed pods home and tossed them into the garden beds. I had forgotten all about it until I saw those same seed pods on the plants this week. The taste brought the memory all back. The blithe sower has been here for a while it seems.

Those seed pods are delicious.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but I found this coin in the garden just as I was heading inside to write this post – a 1988 US Quarter. It wasn’t there when I watered the day before. Coins in the garden. A sower in the sewing supply. Something’s getting my attention.

This Quarter wasn’t there yesterday.

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