Finished Business

The past couple of weeks have seen the completion of two long procrastinated home projects. I completed painting a room that I had paint samples on the wall up for since June 2018!

Then finally got bookshelves to put away the piles of books that had been sitting on the floor since a February 2019 Marie Kondo spree!

The bonny piles!
I have no name for the original color. It was there when we moved in.

The stay at home order forcing everyone to stay home has made me more focused on domestic projects (since they’re in my face all the time & I can’t escape), but I don’t think that it’s the only reason that these projects have been completed in the past 3 weeks.

I’m actually busier than before because my family is home. I have the added job of helping with the children’s distance learning which takes a few hours a day. I’m cooking more. I used to be able to grab a quick lunch for myself, but now everyone want to gets fed around noontime. (Imagine that!) The errands that I still run have the extra steps of gloving and masking up, wiping down everything that I bring into the house when I’m done – so no time savers there.

Curious to see what’s behind the recent spell of domestic productivity, I took a look at the astrology. Maybe there’s something in common in the skies between now and then.

Painting the master bedroom was started in June 2018 and completed April 5, 2020. I had planned to paint both my son’s room and the master bedroom that Summer, but only got my son’s room done while the kids were away at their grandparents’ house. After they returned, the project just fizzled, and I couldn’t get it going again.

Mars was in Aquarius in June of 2018. He had a really long stay in that sign after entering Aquarius in mid May, retrograding back into Capricorn in August, and not leaving for Pisces until mid November. As of March 31, 2020, Mars is currently in Aquarius. So, there’s a big commonality there. Mars was in Aquarius when the project started and ended. Most planets in my chart are in Mars ruled signs, so his influence is huge.

Using the Whole Sign House system, my 2nd house of Income, Possessions and Assets is in Aquarius. However, Mars rules my 4th House (Aries) of Home and Family. I can see how Mars activated both my 2nd and my 4th houses when I initiated the paint project back in Summer 2018, and how it fizzled once Mars went retrograde all the way into Capricorn that August which was near the date that the kids returned to school that year. Once the school year starts, it’s a domino effect of busy that doesn’t let up until Spring Break.

Still, I’m not sure why I didn’t pick the project back up when Mars went direct and back into Aquarius that September. When I started the project in June 2018, Saturn was retrograde in Capricorn. By the time Mars re-entered Aquarius in mid-September, Saturn was direct in Capricorn. I’m inclined to think that while Saturn was retrograde, it freed up Mars to do his thing in Aquarius. But when Saturn went direct again, he pulled focus and power away from Mars back to 1st House matters. This seems to track because when I completed the project 22 months later, Saturn had moved out of Capricorn and into Aquarius about 2 weeks before. Both Mars and Saturn co-present in Aquarius seemed to do the trick.

How many malefics does it take to paint an astrologer’s bedroom?
Much better now.

I don’t have the exact date that I started Kondo-ing in early 2019. It was after her show launched on Netflix, so I’m inclined to place it around early February 2019. This would put the Sun in Aquarius and Mars in Aries, my 4th house at the time. This makes sense that I’d want to jump on getting a home project going again.

I remember getting a lot done quickly, starting with the books. We had many books in boxes stored in the garage, but no shelf space for them. After going through everything, I made four huge tower piles of books that we wanted to keep, and left them behind a chair in the living room for over a year. Once Mars left for Pisces, the project simply lost steam.

Last week I selected and ordered the bookshelves with the Moon, Mars, and Saturn in Aquarius. I received the shipment earlier than expected on a Tuesday (day ruled by Mars) and assembled them the next day. The Moon was in Aries these days, so there is a 4th House connection there. Books went on the shelves Thursday, and the project is done.


It feels really good to have finished business. I don’t mean to sound like I’m blaming Mars and Saturn for my skills of procrastination. There were certainly other factors and events involved. It’s just really satisfying when I look at life events, especially the little things, and find some connection to the astrology. Pondering the quality of time at the moment and how I’m moving through it gives me a lot of personal insight. It also helps me to plan for the future.

Right now, I’m looking at other home projects and keeping an eye on when Mars is set to move out of Aquarius and when Saturn goes back into Capricorn. If anything, these dates will serve as project deadlines for me, and push me to complete as much as I can before the space weather changes. I don’t want to be caught in the doldrums unprepared again.

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