Sit Tight, Study Astrology, Do Magic

I’ve been doing a lot of divination this week. As the Covid-19 pandemic spreads causing rapid changes into what day to day life looks like and will look like, the cards offer a way to slow down and catch a glimpse of the shape of things. Paying attention to formulating the proper questions has been helpful. Just the practice of narrowing down and putting into words what precisely I desire to know helps me get my arms around it and smoosh it into something smaller that I can handle.

I’d like to share one of these readings with you because it made me laugh. My question to the cards was “What can I do to best handle and thrive under this pandemic situation?”

What can I do to best handle and thrive under this pandemic situation? (Illuminated Playing Cards by Caitlin Keegan)

My immediate response – Sit Tight, Study Astrology, Do Magic

OK! I can do that! Isn’t that mostly what I want to do anyway? The deeper analysis had more to offer. But first here’s the deck that I used.

“Illuminated Playing Cards” by Caitlin Keegan


I was given this two deck set for Christmas, and didn’t take to it immediately. I like that they are playing card decks (52 cards plus a Fool each) and seem to have a little bit of everything going for them. However, at first glance, they seemed a bit too busy.

The illustrations sometimes take after the Rider Waite Smith tarot images and earlier Marseille tarot, but vary enough in their representations so that I can read them with fresh eyes and focus just on what I see. For instance, the “Tower” card in the Illuminated invokes the RWS Tower and the Marseille version prior to that, but in this incarnation The Tower is not broken, only threatened by storm and lightning.

The cards have different colors depending if you’re using the gold deck or the blue deck.

The images also play off of playing card interpretations. For instance, the 7 of Clubs shows two beavers building a dam across a stream. 7’s are often seen as something blocking a path or options.

Are they fighting or cooperating?

After quite a few readings with it, I’ve found that it’s been clear and straightforward. I’m still experimenting with how I go between both decks for a reading. For now, I’ve been using the gold deck as a “Day” deck and the blue one as a “Night” deck. I’ll likely start to change it up and match the deck according to the question. The “Day” deck might be best for day to day action; while the “Night” deck for questions of a more inner and spiritual nature.

As I looked more at the 3 card draw for an answer to “What can I do to best handle and thrive under this pandemic situation?”, the story of the answer started to develop.

Sit tight.

The first card, 8 of Clubs, shows a hen in her nest sitting on three eggs. A hen’s home is her nest; she is waiting for those eggs to hatch. So, sit at home and wait is pretty to clear to me from this card. Looking closer, she has a branch in her beak. She’s not idly sitting, but improving her home, making a small adjustment as she waits. Yet, she’s still protecting her eggs as she does so. So, small adjustments aimed at protecting the family are indicated.

Study Astrology

The next card is the Ace of Diamonds. It pictures the Earth with open eyes, surrounded by an ether reminiscent of the elements with the stars and planets beyond (Jupiter and Saturn featured prominently). This card made me laugh because as soon as I saw Saturn, I knew that I was in Astrology territory. This card reminds me that the pandemic is world wide, and invites me to widen my scope of thinking on it. Not just widen it to the world wide implications, but also consider the event in the context of this moment in Astrology and the upcoming conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter. I think I’ll be reading up on the Saturn/Jupiter synodic cycle.

Do Magic

Lastly, we have the King of Clubs who is depicted as a Lion King Magician or Le Bateleur. He holds the baton/club and coin/diamond with a cup and a sword on the table. So, maybe “do magic” was oversimplifying a little bit. The King of Clubs has all of his tools at his disposal. His countenance conveys mastery, as does his depiction with a Lion head. This card shows someone who has all of their tools at the ready, and who can use them with mastery, leadership, and courage. If I am going to thrive in this situation, I will need to be prepared to use all of my talents and lay everything out on the table.

Have you been doing more than your usual daily reading lately? I do recommend the “What can I do to best handle and thrive in this situation” question. It’s given me a lot to think about.

One more thing. My style of cartomancy is always developing, but has taken tremendous leaps after taking Gordon White’s Rune Soup Premium Member Course on Tarot ( and Camelia Elias’s Lenormand Foundation and Advanced Courses ( I really connected with their style of reading the visual language of the cards and not referencing a little white book of meanings. Their courses have helped me fall in love with cartomancy again, and if you’re looking for tarot courses I highly recommend them. (I don’t receive any benefit or compensation from this recommendation.)

I hope that everyone is hanging in there right now and finds their best way to thrive.

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