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Whatsthedifferencebetweenagoodjokeandabadjoke?   timing

What’s the difference between a good joke and a bad joke?  timing

When I started to get back into the occult after a long break, one of the first things I encountered were magical timing techniques using planetary hours and days.This was something new to me, and it took a while to get the hang of it. Now, it’s become a part of my daily practice with its influence extending into timing of day to day activities.

The basic concept is that each Day and Night of the week has a Planetary Ruler, and each Hour of the day is also ruled by a planet. This is detailed in these articles: &

(There are various resources and apps to calculate daily planetary hours for your location. I recommend doing some research to find one that works for you. The app that I use is no longer available or else I’d link to it.)

In this magical practice one can select the appropriate Day and Hour for better outcomes in their magic. If the intent is for beauty, doing something on a Monday night (night of Venus) in the hour of Venus will get a boost. For making a sachet for ease of travel, doing it on Wednesday (day of Mercury) daytime during the hour of Mercury will lend that planet’s support.

You can also combine the Day and Hour selection for a bit of fine tuning. For instance, if your intent is to be able to communicate with your deceased ancestors, then doing something on the day of Saturn (Saturday) in the hour of Mercury may be the right mix.

Up until I encountered Planetary Days and Hours, I adhered to a Lunar based magical timing technique with some loose nods to “traditional” day of the week for spell work. Moon phases are easier to track, but can limit your options for doing something on the fly or on a daily basis.

As I got to become more aware of the Planetary Days and Hours, I began to sense shifts in the day. I’d have bursts of energy and would find that this was during the hour of Mars or the Sun. Slumps – hour of Saturn or the Moon. It’s like finding the changes in ocean currents and riding them along the shore.

I began to start timing day to day tasks using Planetary Hours and Days whenever I could. If I needed to answer tons of emails or make phone calls, I’d start in the hour of Mercury. Baking something for my kids or household chores, the hour of the Moon for that, and so on.

There are benefits to clocking tasks this way. First, I noticed that I’d often get an urge to do something near the appropriate hour anyway. There is a naturalness and flow to it. Higher levels of engagement follow because it feels like the right time. Difficult tasks seem easier when I am moving along with the current of time and not against it.

I’m learning more about planetary attributes through this experience, and have a better sense of them. Simply noticing and acknowledging the planets throughout the day is a kind of respect that I offer to them. Not a remediation, but a recognition of them as non human persons and a start to building relationships with them.


After a few weeks of doing this, seemingly random encounters started happening at related Planetary Day and Hours. Things like meeting and getting into a conversation about guns and knives with an ex-Judo instructor on a Tuesday in the hour of Mars. Or browsing in a store on a Thursday and buying a purse that has a lightning bolt on it during the hour of Jupiter and not noticing the connection until later.

Of course, it would be cumbersome and unfeasible to schedule every single daily task at the proper Planetary Hour or Day. I’ve found it very rewarding to at least check in with the hour from time to time, and note any significance. Using the hours to my advantage makes daily activities run smoother and life a little more enjoyable.

This type of timing is not for astrological talisman creation. You need a full astrological electional chart for that from someone who is well versed in electional astrology and talismanic creation. Lots of things could go haywire with a poorly selected time for talismanic magic. Kaitlin Coppock has a wonderful article that tells what can go wrong with poorly elected timing at this link:

This type of timing also doesn’t take into account any particularly nasty transits to your natal astrology or space weather. For example, the effectiveness of that Travel Sachet is going to be impacted if Mercury is in retrograde, even if it was consecrated on the day and hour of Mercury.

This is simply a down and dirty (and very general) way of timing that has been useful for me. If you’re planning something big (magically or not) and have some control over when you start it, having a broader view of the space weather is best. If you’re just looking for a good time to call your mother in law to let her know about a possibly upsetting change of plans, waiting for the hour of Venus will work.

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