Lost and Found and Lenormand

My daughter has a purple, fuzzy jacket. It’s warm and cozy with zippered pockets. It’s her “favorite favorite”. So, of course that means she lost it last October.

When my family loses things, I can often find them fairly easily. Between a pretty good internal tracking system and St. Anthony (who always comes through) stuff turns up quickly.

When my daughter realized that she didn’t have her jacket, my first thought was that it must be at the Scout Lost and Found. We had been at a large scout campout a few  weeks before. They sweep the campsite when it’s over, and everything left behind goes to the lost and found at the local council office.

My second thought was to pull some cards to see where it was. I was taking a Lenormand Class, and eager to practice a new skill.

I asked – Where is my daughter’s jacket right now? And got:


  1. Rider  12. Birds   36. Cross  24. Heart  30. Lilies

Ahhh…She was heading to the campsite Interfaith Worship Service the morning we departed and left it there. She might have taken it off while chatting with some friends. The Cross, Birds, Rider, and Lilies (with its inset of an older man like the one who conducted the service) seemed to fit. The Heart, too, as her “favorite favorite” thing.

Then I looked some more and another narrative emerged from the cards. She had recently got a ride to Sunday School. Maybe it was still in the backseat of the car? The Rider = car ride; Birds = chatting with her friend in the backseat; Cross = church; Heart = her favorite thing; Lilies’s inset = her friend’s dad who drove them.

I got very excited about this reading. It was clear and very obvious.

I texted the carpool driver and eagerly awaited the response. A few minutes later I got a text back- It wasn’t in the car.

Huh…Maybe it was at the Church lost and found? I checked there the next Sunday, and also no. It wasn’t there either.  What started out so clear was now getting a bit fuzzy.

Since I was already at church I asked St. Anthony for help. Being raised Catholic, praying to him for finding lost things was among some of the very first magical practices I had ever done. I was taught to ask him for help and to promise him some money for the poor in return when the item is found.

The holidays came and went. I was luckily able to replace the jacket with another fuzzy jacket – this time dark purple. I hadn’t given up on finding the jacket, but thought that it might be a while.

Last week, I happened to be at the Scout Council Office setting up for a Pack Meeting in their auditorium. We don’t usually have the meetings there, but our usual place was under construction. As I put my bag down on the stage, I spotted a cardboard box with random items tucked along the wall. It was the lost and found box from the campout last October.

I pulled it toward me, and there scrunched in the corner of the box was my daughter’s very dirty, light purple, fuzzy jacket. Of course, it was there.


(The now infamous jacket after a good washing.)

So what went wrong? (Spoiler: It’s more than one thing.)

I went back to the initial reading, and immediately saw the flaw. My interpretations were stories about how and where the jacket was lost and didn’t answer the Question that I had actually asked which was – Where is my daughter’s jacket right now?

I make the huge rookie mistake of not sticking to the Question.

Secondly, I didn’t trust my initial instinct that the jacket was in the scout lost and found. After pulling the cards, I resisted seeing the reading in any way as confirmation of my initial instinct. I sought out another interpretation, got really excited about it, and went down the wrong path.

I held on too tightly to the “lost at Sunday School” narrative, and was convinced that the jacket would mysteriously turn up in the car or in the classroom – maybe mistakenly taken home by another child.

The jacket was lost for 12 weeks. I’m lucky she hasn’t grown out of it already.

Hopefully, I’ve gotten better at Lenormand in the weeks since pulling the cards for the jacket. I’d like to think that I wouldn’t have made the same mistake of not connecting to the question that I did in the interpretation, and that I also craft better questions overall.

However, I think I needed the reminder on honoring those initial instincts that have served me so well up to now. Ideally, intuition and instinct can work together with observation and plain seeing what the cards show. The cards illuminate the intuition, the intuition illuminates the cards. Stay fluid and not tied to one particular narrative.

Which brings me to St. Anthony. He really does always come through.

And the circumstances of why I was in the auditorium in the first place and spotted the box are odd. When we found out that we couldn’t meet in our usual place, I was the one who suggested checking to see if the council office would let us meet there. Hmmm…

It’s useful and enjoyable to learn new skills, like Lenormand, or other divination methods. I’m finding that it can be a little tricky braiding them in with my existing skill set.

As for what the cards were trying to tell me when I pulled them for the jacket, I can only guess. Since my question specified “right now”, it would be difficult to pinpoint where the item was at the exact time of the reading.

I doubt that the lost and found box was on the stage during the entire 12 week period. Maybe if I had headed to the scout lost and found the day I did the reading, it would have been in the box on a cart under a poster of birds near a cross with some lilies, or something else suitably obvious.


Edit to add: The deck pictured is the Maybe Lenormand by Ryan Edward.

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