Welcome to my blog. It’s a good place to put longer ideas. Ones that won’t fit on Twitter or replies to various posts. I hope that you enjoy being here.

Carré means square or quarter. I grew up across the River from New Orleans. One of my favorite places in the whole world is still The French Quarter aka The Vieux Carré. I loved walking there as a child and taking in the old architecture (from many different empires), music (not always jazz), and smells (from good food to trash). I loved staring at the photos of the burlesque dancers in neat little frames in bar windows, and looking at all the delicate old things at antique stores. The stones of the buildings were cool even in Summer heat.

The Vieux Carré has layers upon layers of history and stories. So, I hope, that this Carré will build up its layers and stories. Like its inspiration, maybe they won’t all fit neatly together. But, maybe like its inspiration, it will be all the more beautiful for it.


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