Mars in Cancer

I picture my Mars in Cancer natal placement like a warrior in a hot tub. Specifically, I think of Mars in Cancer as a Warrior in a Hot Tub just sitting there, looking pretty, and hoping that his momma brings him a beer when she passes by.

I know that this delineation likely horrifies most astrologers – a cold plunge rather than a hot tub is more suitable. But still – it does make me feel better to think of it this way.

According to traditional astrology, planets in their Fall don’t operate well. They function poorly at whatever they do best. For Mars, among other things, this would be taking action, severing, stabbing, and ‘getting the job done!’. It’s the spark and relentless drive that keeps us alive and pursuing our daily activities and grander dreams.

I see my Mars in Cancer placement in all the things that I get excited about starting, but never actually start. Or the sudden loss of momentum and dropping of projects, mostly never to return. And when my husband observed that “you get somewhere and then seem to stop yourself”.

It’s there in the long nights of procrastination, then sweating under a deadline. Also, in soft, indirect ways of speech. “Well, maybe, you could think about getting your coffee earlier, so you could be on time” I told an employee when I used to manage. Instead, it would have been far kinder to simply say – “Get in on time or you’ll be cut.”

It’s nice in the hot tub, certainly. Yet, there is something desirable about having an innate drive to relentlessly run down a dream, put your all into an idea and have it tumble into being. To be bold and direct, and non plussed about being that way. To get it done and just have it be done which is how I imagine Mars in Exaltation would be like.

To that end, I’ve engaged in Mars Remediation with some positive results. It’s come about in a peculiar Mars in Cancer way.

My six year old daughter recently started martial arts and took to it effortlessly. From the first lesson it was clear that she Loves It. So, we go – often – and I watch. After weeks of watching her have a great time, I decided to start going to the adult classes thinking that it could help with my Mars situation.

The dojo we attend is very family oriented. Many of the students in the adult classes have children in the kids or youth classes. They host origami nights, and have festive Halloween and Winter celebrations. The Sensai is a former a middle school teacher. Hugs are even involved, and over the holidays the adult class group text was filled with expressions of gratitude for our “karate family’.

In order to remediate Mars in Cancer, in my role as a mother I found a dojo for my child which led me to study martial arts there, as well. This dojo is a warm, supportive, and welcoming community with a large family membership – all very Cancerian qualities.

Don’t get the wrong impression. This is not karate-lite or some sort of weird new invention of a soft version of marital arts. My daughter and I practice kihon, kata, kumite, tameshiwari.

We study Kyokushin Karate.orange_belt

The style of karate whose founder invented the 100 Man Kumite and did it 3 days in a row. The one known for a very aggressive fighting style (strikes are strikes, blocks are also strikes). The one where the only response that’s acceptable is “Osu!” which means “Endure!”

It’s tough. I like it. I’m fortunate to have found a dojo that combines so well the rigorous training of Kyokushin with a strong, supportive atmosphere. Mars in Cancer, indeed.

My efforts in Martial remedy has resulted in more energy over all. I feel like I’ve found my voice, and I am able to express myself with confidence and clarity.

My karate practice allows my Mars placement to fully express in a way that encourages self growth, awareness and improvement. The marital arts part could not do that alone. I believe that it needed to involve the Cancer part to make it click. There needs to be a balance in that expression of Mars in Cancer – the active with the passive, the fall into a nurturing and restorative place while still retaining the essence of that which is nurtured. It may not work for everyone. I’m grateful it’s working for me.

When I now think of Mars in my chart, I don’t feel so bad anymore that he’s poorly placed there. I imagine that for all the action, drive, and effort, Mars does need his hot tub time. After a plunge in cold water to wash the blood, sweat, and grime away there needs to be a place and period of time to let the muscles and mind relax. A place where he slowly falls into reflection and memory of battles won and lost before rising up into the planning of the next campaigns – and for him to think – Now, where is momma with the beer?


NOTE: OK. As if you couldn’t tell, I’m still a beginner when it comes to Astrology. I’m an enthusiastic student who really likes thinking about these things. This is my first blog post.

If you want to find out more about Kyokushin Karate, Art of One Dojo has a great video series about it on YouTube here .

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